DonChristian Promo

Premiere: DonChristian “Designed II Work”

DonChristian drops his newest single.


Exclusive new shit off the homie DonChristian’s upcoming EP Renzo Piano. Here we get a glimpse of what’s to come with his first single Designed II Work.

Hailing from Philadelphia but spending his high school years at the prestigious boarding school; George School in Bucks County, PA, where he focused his attention on tennis and painting. DonChristian didn’t began his rap career until his junior year at Wesleyan University, an institution known for spitting out acts such as Das Racist and MGMT. Since then, with the guidance of his good friend Le1f, another Wesleyan alumni, DonChristian has been focusing his artistic talents musically by honing in on his rap and production skills. In his own words he explains, “I’m trying to pursue everything. I want to paint with music, and paint with film, and really consolidate my skill set, you know? I want it all to culminate into something crazy.”

His previous mixtape, The Wayfarer, garnered positive reviews and helped to grow his fan base and make him a staple in the underground scene. He recently rocked  the stage at the Afro Punk Festival in Brooklyn earlier this summer. Later this week he will be traveling to Stockholm to show some love and preform for his European fans. In addition to touring with his music, DonChristian and fellow performer Le1f have been busy creating a Record Label/Collective called Camp & Street on which Renzo Piano will be released.


On Designed II Work, DonChristian’s husky, almost guttural, voice glides smoothly over the subtly melodic and pleasantly futuristic beat produced by Crying. The song, an ode to love and devotion, is like a roller-coaster ride of emotions and sounds. It starts at a crawl, with sultry R&B background vocals and DonChristian’s monotone rap style, creating a lullaby quality. Gradually the beat picks up momentum, and just when you think it’s about to pop off into a club banger, it slides back down to that slow ballad we began with. Overall, the song takes you on a ride through beats and lyrics. It serves as a petite bouche that leaves you craving more. Unfortunately, you’ll have to be patient and wait until Renzo Piano drops in December for the full course.

Check it and let us know if you’re feeling it below.

DonChristian Promo

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  • Zach Valenti

    Amazing. Great work Don Christian.

  • Keith Ceasar

    Hmm.. be nice if i had speakers at this workstation o.0

  • hamadirose

    first impressions: i enjoy the endpiece the most. them sung vox are mixed too high. thanks for putting in work; something off the wayfarer gets play damn near daily. i mean, it made my year-end favorite lp list. happy kwanzaa • ¡harambe!