DonChristian Clerk Video

Premiere: DonChristian “Clerk”

Watch him work.

DonChristian is back at it again with his latest video “Clerk,” off his forthcoming mixtape Renzo Piano. The track was produced by The Drum’s Jeremiah Meece, who’s featured heavily on the mixtape. The song is melodic and sensual, as DonChristian’s husky voice half raps, half sings the tunes catchy hook. We sat down with DonChristian to find out how the video came about, this is what he had to say:

The concept for the video was derived from satire and Mark Twain, and was actually shot at the home adjacent to Twain’s old property in Riverdale, New York. I took on this persona of an arrogant, flamboyant, and obnoxious rap heir. My actual father, as well as Le1f and Ian Isiah make cameo appearances. It was shot again by close pal Sam B. Jones, who also directed Le1f’s “Wut” and “My Crew”.

Check out the video above, and if you’re feeling it be sure to look out for DonChristian on his site You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

donchristian clerk music video premiere
DonChristian Clerk Video

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  • Concerned Internet User

    This video blows

  • ArrestedDevelopment

    His voice is so freaking sexy. I’m digging the video.