Donate to Destroy Wu-Tang’s $5 Million Dollar Album

One man seeks to f*ck with Wu-Tang's plans.

While some fans have started crowdsourcing campaigns to liberate Wu-Tang Clan’s $5,000,000 album, one fan has begun a Kickstarter to destroy it.

Chris Everhart of Virginia believes that art should be available for everyone to consume, and is upset at the amount of pretension surrounding the release of Once Upon A Time in Shaolin. As a longtime listener of the group, Everhart is disillusioned by how the”WU has devolved into such self-righteous assholes,” arguing that the project only seeks to put money back into the pockets of the artists involved.  If the project reaches its goal, Everhart states that he will ““happily destroy this album in public spectacle and never listen to it.” The destruction of the album will be a performance art project that will be documented, scripted, filmed for posterity, and made available for download worldwide. 

The album is likely to inspire a bidding war, and so Everhart aims to raise $6,000,000 to obtain the sole copy of the album. The project has currently raised $10,460 of its $6,000,000 goal, with an end date of July 28, 2014.


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  • pie_eye

    i thought the idea was for the rza to sell it and then hope that the person who bought it (saudi prince, kickstarter whatever) was to give it back to the world sort of thing, that sounds like some cool karma shit to me….if its as bad as iron flag then yeah bin it..boosh!

  • alwalker

    Exactly… The Wu wouldn’t even be making a lot of money off of this. Dude is a weirdo.

  • deadbird

    Wu is for tha people youre the pretentious one

  • A guy

    fuck this bitch nigga