Donald Trump Merchants Explain Why They’re Selling Donald Trump Merch

Not everyone selling Donald Trump goods support the Republican presidential candidate

Photos: Tod Seelie

Adding to the overall spectacle that is the RNC are vendors selling all sorts of political merchandise, from t-shirts and buttons to bumper stickers and bobbleheads. Echoing the convention itself, the sentiments being broadcast on the products are either very pro-Trump or very anti-Clinton. The people selling the stuff though have a variety of reasons for doing so, and while some of them genuinely support Donald Trump, others are just looking to make some bread. Mass Appeal decided to take the temperature of these merchants and simply ask them: Do you support Donald Trump and why?


RNC_merch_Steve Presser

RNC_merch_Golden state vendor

RNC_merch_Ronnie Rytel


RNC_merch_Johnny Moore

RNC_merch_Tino Ferreira


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