Donald Trump Hairbrained Schemes

Donald Trump ‘Hairbrained Schemes’ Ep. 1

Can The Donald and his toupee takeover the world?

Donald Trump has lived in the upper echelon of society his entire life, slowly transforming into the massive douche bag he is today; a man so slimy that even racist frat boys find him detestable. Whether he’s questioning birth certificates or insulting immigrants, Trump usually has both feet in his mouth and a stick up his ass. Now that he can’t fire people on national television, he’s hellbent on becoming the boss of the United States of America. And if that happens, we’re fucking quitting.

We don’t often dip our toes into political waters, we’re about to dive in headfirst this year, starting with our new animated series, Hairbrained Schemes. The show follows Donald Trump and his toupee, the mastermind of Trump’s whole operation, as they plot to become the next POTUS. In Episode 1, we find Donald and his right-hand man writing a speech. Hit the video player above to see how it all pans out.

Donald Trump Hairbrained Schemes

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