Donald Trump Gets Authentic NYC Welcome, Is Mercilessly Booed At His Own Polling Site

"You're gonna lose." -Unidentified American hero

Donald Trump is a terrible person and an even worse presidential candidate. The reality show star and frequent Twitter user lacks the intellectual capacity and temperament required to be commander in chief and his easily offendable ego disqualifies him from ever being trusted with the nuclear codes. The Republican nominee has made this apparent by his own words and actions and at this point, it’s nearly impossible to enumerate all the people, places and things he has insulted, although the New York Times took a pretty impressive crack at it.

And so, on this grand Election Day, it is sort of karmically fitting that several videos have already emerged of the GOP nominee being mocked repeatedly when he went out to cast his vote at a Manhattan polling site earlier today, while leering oddly at his wife as she cast hers. Here’s a brief recap of his not so warm reception that Fox New reported as cheers:

When Trump arrived, he was booed.

When Trump got inside, he was laughed at and mocked. “You’re gonna lose,” said one voter.

While inside, Trump was booed some more by people outside.

When Trump left, he was booed again. 

Thank you New York City and everyone have a fantastic Election Day.

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  • The Director

    Nice article and all that, but for Christ’s sake…..

    Learn the difference between “loose” & “lose”. Makes Mass Appeal (which I enjoy) look like one of those third rate blogs that are partially responsible for all the uproar in ‘Murica right now. Step it up…