Donald Trump Attacks Arnold Schwarzenegger, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Ratings

Unhinged 70-year-old rants on social media

Today, President-elect Donald Trump will receive highly classified reports from the intelligence community outlining why they strongly believe Russia’s responsible for meddling in the elections. To properly prep for this critical meeting, Donald Trump has refrained from using social media all morning and is reportedly laser-focused… Just fucking around y’all. The petty dickhead was on Twitter, blasting Arnold Schwarzenegger over the new ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ ratings.

Shots fired:

Then, 8 minutes later, he really went in:

The new episode aired a few days ago apparently and according to CNN, the show didn’t perform as well as it did when Trump the entertainer was host:

The premiere of this season of NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Schwarzenegger’s first as host, brought in an average of 4.9 million viewers on Monday night. That number is well below the 6.5 million viewers that the premiere of the last season of the show hosted by now-President-elect Donald Trump brought in two years ago.

Trump left in 2015 to run for president, however, even after winning, he refused to give up an executive producer’s credit, stirring a debate about how appropriate it is for him to retain a connection to the reality show.

After the tirade about ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Trump went on to shout out Anna Wintour and announce that he will attend a meeting with the publisher and Conde Nast editors, because he has nothing more important to do, like those intelligence briefings:

Donald Trump will become the most powerful man in the world exactly two weeks from today.

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