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Don Lemon Says Some Self-Hating Shit, Again

Don Lemon Says Some Self-Hating Shit, Again

Justin Bieber has gotten himself into a heap of trouble after two videos were released of him using the n-word. In one video Bieber uses the word as a punchline in a racist joke, while in the other he uses the word (multiple times) for in a song. Bieber apologized for the first video and has yet to comment on the second, but with rumors of even more footage of him being racist out there, it looks like a long road ahead for Bieber’s PR team.

Many people have commented on the matter, including Bieber’s friends Floyd Mayweather and Mack Maine, who have both gone to bat for the Canadian. Don Lemon, CNN’s token/”Uncle Tom,” felt the need to chime in as well, questioning if black people’s constant use of the n-word is the real problem.

Lemon writes:

Some are saying Bieber is racist. Is he? I don’t know. Very frequently I hear young people of all ages, in public, who can barely even get through a sentence without using the word; even calling each other n-words – of all different ethnicities. Clearly Justin Bieber, a young man who by the way, has immersed himself in black, Hip Hop culture should not be saying the n-word. So the question is, if you want people like Justin Bieber to stop using it and to stop making excuses for using it, shouldn’t you do the same?

Wait, what did you say, bruh?

Lemon is no stranger to saying wild, self-hating shit. Weeks after George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, Lemon concluded that it was time for black people to start acting “right” by pulling up their pants, finishing school, not having babies out of wedlock, and of course— not using the n-word. Who deemed Lemon the spokesperson for Black Advancement? It’s clear they made a terrible mistake.

The idea that black culture is to blame for a pubescent Canadian using the n-word is atrocious. What about Bieber’s parents and the friends who were in the video laughing at his jokes? How about his manager for not telling the child celebrity how to behave, especially in front of a camera? How about the lack of African-American education in schools? Lemon, don’t you think any of these could be factors in Justin Bieber’s racial ignorance? Nah, it must just be us foolish porch monkeys.

Fuck outta here, Don Lemon.