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Dominic Lord “Overworld”

Dominic Lord's latest single beckons listeners to a take a trip into the Overworld universe filled with high fashion, positivity, and success.

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If A$AP Rocky brought Alexander Wang to the hood, then fellow Harlem-based music prodigy, Dominic Lord, is taking the neighborhood (or at least himself) to Europe. When he’s not cultivating a following for his unique brand of sound, the savvy sartorialist is getting personally invited by Ricardo Tisci to attend Givenchy’s 2014 men’s shows in Paris. He’s also getting personally styled by Tisci for such events. Say what? Yep, that’s how buzzworthy the youngster is. Add that to the fact that he’s already working with the likes of producer Hudson Mohawke (Rihanna, Beyoncé) and there’s pretty much no denying his head start.

Peep Dominic’s latest single “Overworld” (a play on the term underworld). The tune proclaims the artist’s catapult into the high life from the depths of Harlem and invites listeners to join him on his journey.

Portrait Pose Black Shade Gray

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