Dominic Lord “Mozart, Go”

“Mozart, nigga. Van Gogh, ho.” Say what you will about former A$AP-affiliate/fashion guy turned rap game neophyte Dominic Lord, but his videos are interesting. And while that sentiment will undoubtedly ’cause a lot of hip-hop keep-it-realers to shake their fists in protest like an angry Abe Simpson, it’s a matter of fact that a compelling video will do wonders for a rapper’s career just ask Mr. MFN eXquire, Trinidad James or the young lord A$AP Rocky.

Now about the this “Mozart, Go” video: with it’s expensive sports cars,  alley way levitation and simulated beatdowns it’s pretty obvious that Lord’s isn’t playing in the same league as a lot of new rappers with DIY visuals. With little more than his Fashion Show EP in circulation Lord’s gotten a record deal and will be firing weapons released on Geffen. Apparently there’s a market for fashion-inflected trap rap and they want a piece of the pie. Watch the clip above and you’re sure to remember the name Dominic Lord (if not for the music then because it’s displayed in huge letters throughout.)

DOWNLOAD: Dominic Lord Fashion Show EP (Deluxe Edition)

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