Doley Bernays posted up on a wall

Bump That: Doley Bernays “Blessed”

Doley Barneys delivers a brand new track, spitting rapid fire bars over heart pounding 808s. Bump That!

Doley Bernays flipping off the camera

Bronx-based rapper Doley Bernays follows up the success of his music video, “Raise Your Weapon,” with  a brand new track entitled, “Blessed.” The beat comes courtesy of producer MP Williams and features booming 808s and crisp claps, with a haunting choir looming in the background. Doley delivers rapid fire bars, enlightening listeners on his transition from drug dealer to budding rap star. The song is slated to appear on his upcoming EP, Just In Case, due out in June. You can listen to the new track “Blessed” and check out the visuals for “Raise Your Weapon” below.

Cover art for Doley Bernays new track Blessed

Doley Bernays posted up on a wall

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