Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S4, Does It Live Up To the Hype?


Folks are still trying to make sense of what went down last night (Mar. 14) at Radio City Music Hall where Samsung, the world’s number one mobile phone manufacturer, unveiled its latest flagship phone, the Galaxy S IV. The theatrics were something to behold, but by the time we rounded home-base yours truly felt underwhelmed after having already had my way with the device via leaks online.

The Galaxy S IV isn’t a terrible phone. Everything that was speculated was confirmed during the Broadway show-like presentation which featured tap dancing children, cheesy actors and movable sets: a Super AMOLED screen that popped, a 13 Megapixel camera, eye scrolling, an 8 core processor and the plastic shape of previous Galaxy S phones-present and accounted for.

With the Galaxy S IV, Samsung focused more on software than hardware. Yes, the Galaxy S IV is lighter and thinner than its predecessor, the Galaxy S III, and you can remove the battery; but that’s it for hardware upgrades.

The bells and whistles of the Galaxy S IV lie in the apps that allow users to communicate across language barriers, share music and photos, and monitor health. Breakdowns are below.

S Health
S Health is a feature which works as pedometer, a food tracker and a sleep pattern meter. Its  S Band, if you choose to get it, syncs via Bluetooth with your phone and can be used when head to the gym.

S Translate
S Translate helps you translate your email or text messages into one of nine different languages, including Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, French and Latin American Spanish using text or voice translation. The feature can translate from both speech-to-text and text-to-speech.

Group Play
Group Play sounds like a sex party but, sadly, its not. /It’s a feature that lets you share music, photos and games with the people around you and together as a group.

Air View
Air View lets you hover your fingers over an email, S Planner, or image gallery to view a larger preview of content before selecting it. With Air Gesture, you can change a song, scroll through a web page, or answer a call by just waving your hand.

Smart Scroll
This Scroll feature lets you to scroll through websites by tilting your phone. Smart Pause lets you control the screen with your eyes.

Galaxy S IV Camera
The Galaxy S IV camera has a back facing, 13 megapixel camera, a 2 megapixel, front facing camera and 12 shooting modes. It also features Dual Mode which enables you to shoot a scene with both cameras.A cool feature allows you to tag still photos with audio. Blurb, the online book printing company also has an app, its also stand alone, that lets you print books of photographs organized according to themes.

Verdict: It’s a light, software rich smartphone but If you have a phablet like the Galaxy Note 2, the Galaxy S IV will feel clumsy and tiny in your hands. Even with a an almost five-inch screen, the S IV felt small in my hands. In this case smaller is better.




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