That One Time DMX Came Over

Kay Slay remembers DMX and his Cracked-Out Caravan.

At its very base, hip hop is the art of storytelling. Being close to 40 years old you can expect the annals of hip hop to be riddled with amazing stories of triumph and transcendence, drawbacks and pitfalls alike. Those stories can also turn out to be some wacked out funky shit, word to Deltron. That being said we came across this interesting tale from New York DJ and personality DJ Kay Slay recounting that one time he asked DMX to roll through to drop a freestyle, as told to DJ Vlad. Let’s just say the “Dark Man” made his way with a caravan of the most derels of derels and the “Drama King” would want anything but by the end of the session.

DJ Kay Slay Talks To VladTV About The NIght He Let DMX Come To His Home To Freestyle

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