DMX Googles Himself for the First Time, Hilarity Ensues

DMX is a beast in the booth but he's sheepish on a laptop.

Since he supplanted shiny-suit rap with a menacing growl and an armed robber’s mentality in the late ’90s, DMX has been one of the most fascinating subjects in hip-hop. He’s sold millions of records, battled drug addiction, cheated on his wife and cried about it all in front of our eyes.

But if you didn’t know any of that about the man born Earl Simmons, all you’d have to do is type “DMX” into the Google search bar and you could make yourself  a DMX-pert in a matter of minutes. This is something that DMX hadn’t done himself up until a few days ago when he stopped by NY radio station Power 105.1.

I used to work a lab in college assisting people who were inexperienced with computers so I’ve seen the many faces of new user frustration. In this video DMX exhibits all of the endearing characteristics of an older technophobe: initial aversion (“I don’t even know how to use a computer, I don’t even wanna learn how to use a computer.”);  irrational fear (“It’s scary, it’s scary. It’s just too much stuff!”); child-like inquisitiveness (“Why is it doin’ a line like that?”) and dismissal (“Computer words are funny. Like ‘Google,’ what the fuck is a ‘Google?’ Just get a regular word!”)

Computers aren’t for X, they will make him lose his mind. Up in here. Up in here.

It’s funny to watch his encounter with technology but don’t ridicule him —  he’s the grandfather or dad or uncle  well have who has ended up on the wrong side of the digital divide. Plus his dogs still bite. One love Boomer.


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  • he still looks like he is on blow, rubbing his nose alot. always love the DMX tho