gang starr dj premier mass appeal collab

DJ Premier Talks Mass Appeal x Gang Starr Collaboration

Primo breaks down the details behind Gang Starr x Mass Appeal tee and the late great Guru's illustrative abilities.

Legendary producer DJ Premier sat down with Mass Appeal to explain the mindset behind our Gang Starr-inspired collaboration. Gang Starr, for all that don’t already know, was one of the most influential East Coast hip hop duos of all time and consisted of the late great MC Guru and DJ Premier himself.

Original Gang Starr Logo Black White

DJ Premier explained how the original Gang Starr logo first came to be. Created by Guru and Big Shug, “The chain is the bond of the artists and the star is the talent inside the chain,” Premier said.

Unbeknownst to many, Guru actually attended Fashion Institute of Technology and had an innate ability to illustrate. With inspiration from other renowned hip hop logos like those of Public Enemy and EPMD (designed by Eric Haze), he conjured the infamous Gang Starr logo that we recognize today.

Gang Starr Mass Appeal Tee

Pay tribute to history and Guru’s memory by rocking the Mass Appeal x Gang Starr collaboration tee, available in black and white, at our online shop.

Gang Starr Mass Appeal Hoodie Black

Also, just in time for sweater weather, we’ve got a limited edition hoodie. Only 44 made. Get ’em while their hot!

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gang starr dj premier mass appeal collab

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  • ED

    Dunno where to pay my respects, I didn’t know GURU passed away. I’m gonna miss his contribution to the hiphop movement for sure. 🙁

  • Lindsey


    No Hona Costello? He just dropped his song and got 5k plays already! His song high is over 90k yet these blogs fail to post him. He got over 250k plays total. Makes no sense. He’s the real representation of an indie artists. Not these fake ones who buy label marketing.

    Listen here:!

    He has done everything! Sent out 500 emails a day. Networked. Etc. But it seems as if blogs dont BREAK artists AT ALL. Unless its their cousin, or someones best friend of an artist. THEY FAIL TO BREAK ARTISTS like they use to. SAD. I WISH THE STILL DID CAUSE REAL TALENT LIKE HONA COSTELLO WOULD BE FAMOUS RIGHT NOW GGGTRRR!!!