Kanye West DJ Khaled Rick Ross "I Wish You Would"

DJ Khaled, Kanye West & Rick Ross “I Wish You Would”

The name of DJ Khaled's next album is called Kiss the Ring. Would you?

DJ Khaled "I Wish You Would"

When deejays shout all over a record, that’s their tag. Forget about trying to edit them out. It’s their stamp of authenticity. DJ Khaled is one of the best at that art. Yeah, it’s an art. LISTENNN! They’re just as quotable as the rapper’s lyrics, like Kanye’s slightly auto-tuned rapping/singing, and Rick Ross’ guttural groans on “I Wish You Would.” These days, you can spot Khaled in NY pretty often filming for MTV2’s Hip-Hop Squares, but we bet he missed the Kanye stencils with YOU WOULD sprayed below it a while back. YOU WOULD can be spotted amongst the most random of corners and walls. Then an immediate chuckle follows, regardless of where it’s written, sort of like DICKCHICKEN. Anyway, YOU WOULD bump this new Khaled x Ross x Kanye… we wish you would.

Kanye Stencil You Would
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Kanye West DJ Khaled Rick Ross "I Wish You Would"

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