Action Bronson shot by Terry Richardson

DJ Cipha Sounds presents “Take It Personal: The Hip Hop Improv Show” ft. Action Bronson

Hot 97 DJ Cipha Sounds introduces "Take It Personal: The Hip Hop Improv Show" featuring Action Bronson tonight at the UCB Theatre in the East Village.

DJ Cipha Sounds is putting a new twist on an age-old form of entertainment, improv comedy. The Hot 97 DJ has combined his love for hip hop and improv, conceiving of Take It Personal: The Hip Hop Improv Show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in the East Village. Cipha Sounds will interview Queens MC Action Bronson and then use his stories to create a completely improvised show right there on the spot! Cipha said,

“This all started when I noticed the similarities between improv and hip hop. Both have been around for many years and have never combined forces, but that will soon change through Take it Personal. My passion for improv grew as I began to master the art form. I set forth on a path to create a brand new type of show where stories would be told from Hip Hop’s notables, and then a show would be made up on the spot by the top improvisers. Hip hop and improv are similar because they are both spontaneous, spur of the moment, from the gut, freestyled, and very entertaining. Both have cult like followings and fanatic fans.”

Take It Personal: The Hip Hop Improv Show is going down Saturday at 8pm at the UCB Theatre located at 153 East 3rd St (off Ave A) in the East Village. The 10 dollar tickets are sold out online, but can be purchased at the door.

Need a little more convincing? We’ve got you covered. Check out Action Bronson’s ridiculous new music video, “Strictly 4 My Jeeps” shot by our very own Jason Goldwatch and check out the behind the scenes footage from the video featuring RiFF RAFF, Roc Marciano, Mayhem Lauren, and AG Da Coroner.

action bronson improv

Action Bronson shot by Terry Richardson

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