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DJ Buttamilk “Majestic Fourth World”

DJ Buttamilk “Majestic Fourth World”

DJ Buttamilk's cover art for his debut album, Majestic Fourth World.

Nowadays it’s commonplace to hear people shout, “We about to make a movie!” Well, as over-saturated as the phrase has become, Florida native DJ Buttamilk‘s debut instrumental album, Majestic Fourth World, is just that, a cinematic masterpiece. Drawing inspiration from films like “Bladerunner” to artists like Crystal Castles,  Majestic Fourth World invites you to tap deep into your cerebral cortex and separate yourself from consciousness. Engineered by Vulkan the Krusader, a frequent collaborator with Buttamilk, the album heavily explores the themes of death, triumph, and decadence.

Take a journey into the surreal world of DJ Buttamilk and recognize that this ain’t what you’re typically used to hearing. Majestic Fourth World will put you to sleep, and I mean that in the best way possible! This is the kind of shit that would soundtrack an OG samurai falling on his sword. Toast to the gods!

Yo! Adrian encourages you to shout his name like Rocky.
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