Surveillance Spaulder

DIY Surveillance Camera Detector

Sniff out CCTV security cameras with this nifty device.

British designer James Bridle recently created what he dubs the “Surveillance Spaulder” – a medieval-themed wearable “armor” device that detects closed circuit television cameras AKA surveillance cameras. He did so by combining a 730nm bandpass filter – to detect the infrared light commonly used in CCTV cameras – and a pair of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) pads – to send a current when activated. The result is a shoulder pad fit for James Bond himself. Or Banksy. Or anyone needing to stay out of the sight of nearby security cameras.

Surveillance Spaulder Infrared and Pads

Surveillance Spaulder Infrared Security Cameras

Surveillance Spaulder

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