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Disclosure “Help Me Lose My Mind” (Ta-ku Bootleg)

Disclosure “Help Me Lose My Mind” (Ta-ku Bootleg)

The Australia-based producer delivers his take on the UK duo’s hit song.

It’s no secret that Ta-ku has a knack for killer remixes. The Australia-based producer retains the core elements of the track, but still finds a way to breath a whole new life into the song, challenging the original for superiority.

For his latest unofficial remix, Ta-ku tackles the Disclosure hit “Help Me Lose My Mind,” featuring the airy vocals of London Grammar‘s Hannah Reid. The quick hi-hats that kick off the original are replaced by crisp claps surrounded by a chilly breeze on the remix, giving the song a slightly eerie feeling, that is until the bass line comes in and gives the track an addicting warmth. Ta-ku toys with this type of sparsity throughout the song, making the listener feel like they’re sitting alone in dimly lit room, then all of a sudden the lights turn on and it’s a motherf***ing surprise party!

While we can’t decide whether Ta-ku’s take on “Help Me Lose My Mind” is better than the original – that would be like picking a favorite child – we can say that we’ll be keeping both in heavy rotation.

Take a listen to both tracks below and decide for yourself which one you’re feeling more.


Apparently Ta-ku’s label asked him to take the remix down, but he left the instrumental up. We’re guessing this is going to get an official release because it was so damn good.