Disclosure Friend Within The Mechanism

Disclosure & Friend Within “The Mechanism”

The boys from across the pond are back.

The brothers of Disclosure team up with fellow UK native and producer Friend Within on their latest track “The Mechanism.”

There’s a lot to love about this song, but the thing that stands out the most to me is the interesting choice of samples. The first is a motivational speech from self-proclaimed “hip hop preacher” Eric Thomas, whom Disclosure fans will remember from the groups massive hit “When A Fire Starts To Burn.” The second comes from chiropractic evangelist and Life University founder Dr. Sid Williams. Random.

The final track results in another bass heavy banger from the boys across the pond. “The Mechanism” won’t be available for purchase until April 15, via Beatport, so until then put that replay button to good use.

Disclosure Friend Within The Mechanism

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