Dirty Disco Squares "Mixed Nuts"

Dirty Disco Squares “Mixed Nuts”

I bet this joint gets you on some roller skates.

Dirty Disco Squares consists of legendary DJs Rhettmatic, Mr. Len, and Prince Paul. If you don’t know about these OGs, now is a perfect time to acquire a little hip hop education because they’re getting the band back together! No, seriously though, they were all summoned to collaborate and make our feet move one last time and it’s a pretty good look. In their new project titled, “Mixed Nuts,” the trio channel their wavy energy to bring us some funkadelic, ’70s type groove that makes me want to cop a pair of roller skates and act a fool. You don’t believe me? Listen below, I bet I see you wildin’ out in Central Park with some high top roller skates in a week (that’s a thing, right?)

Dirty Disco Squares "Mixed Nuts"

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