99 Problems Mitt tee

Did You Spot the Guy in the “99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One” T-Shirt Last Night?

99 Problems Mitt tee

There was the Flag Hair Lady and The High Top Fade Kid but one of our favorite election night oddities was the guy in the crowd at the Obama campaign’s Chicago HQ rocking a t-shirt that read “99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One.” Jay-Z had only performed retooled version of “99 Problems” at Obama’s last rally the day before.  Damn, that was quick. Did he design and silkscreen this the night before Election Day? Would Barack really throw up the diamond sign? Better question: Where can we get this shirt?

99 Problems Mitt tee

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  • i need that shirt

  • Brandon Allen

    This picture is of me LOL!!! My wife bought me this shirt from Urban Outfitters.

  • Ben

    I just had a look on the UO website, and they’re sold out! Such a shame, I would have loved one of these t-shirts!

  • Timmhotep

    Hahahaha You’re famous bro! We need to shop at Urban more often.

  • kuhnt

    I Like to post my opinions on the internet because i’m so important.