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Diamond Supply Co. Vodka is Coming Soon

Diamond Supply Co. Vodka is Coming Soon

Nicky Diamonds wants to dominate your nightlife too.

Diamond Supply Co.’s Nicky Diamonds is a man of many enterprises. His business ventures include stints in the worlds of skate, fashion and footwear; where Diamond sits at the upper-echelon of success. As if that isn’t enough, Diamonds has his sights set on world domination with the latest announcement to come out of his camp. Diamond Supply Co. will be releasing its own vodka, shaped in the form of you guessed it…a diamond.

Photo of Diamond Supply Co.'s newly introduced Vodka.


Diamonds took to his Instagram to share the news. He posted this picture along with the caption: “Can’t wait to launch our new premium V.V.S. Vodka soon that I have been giving out to my friends at Coachella to try. Distilled 6 times & 3 times filtered to guarantee its mild taste. Produced in Bulgaria from 100% pure grain spirit & Spring water. #diamondlife #premium #Vodka”

Get the sparklers ready, Diamond Supply Co. Vodka is coming soon to a club near you.