Detroit Cop Drug Kingpin

Detroit Cop Turned Drug Kingpin Arrested in Atlanta

Oxymoron for real

In the midst of cops universally fucking up, Ohio prosecutors found themselves at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in an attempt to arrest former police officer Brandon George Allen on drug trafficking charges. The prosecutors teamed up with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Homeland Security, and U.S. Customs to locate Allen and flag his passport just as he was attempting to skate out of the country.

Prosecutor Keller Blackburn alluded that during the investigation, agents examined “hundreds of hours of jail phone calls, monitored social media activities, examin[ed] public records and business records, phone records, and interviews with offenders and confidential informants.”

Going beyond their jurisdiction— as far as South Carolina, Detroit, and Allen’s Atlanta apartment— prosecutors indicted the former officer on 10 counts of felony drug trafficking, one count of felony drug possession, and one count of felony racketeering.

While each of his associates have gotten about eight years, we expect Allen is going to receive the max, especially considering he was not only the brain behind the entire operation but also the supplier. To be specific, Allen was wholesaling at least $3 million worth of prescription pills to local Glouster ringleader Derek Gyure and the rest of southeastern Ohio.

[h/t Athens News]


Detroit Cop Drug Kingpin

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