Despite Numerous Reports, NYC Had Nothing To Do With Hanksy’s ‘Dump Trump’ Mural Getting Buffed

"It was a shit mural anyways."

A mural by street artist Hanksy depicting Donald Trump as a giant pile of steamy shit — think Chet from Weird Science — was unexpected buffed by the building’s owner on Friday. Painted in 2015 on Orchard Street, the artwork was widely shared and memified during the presidential campaign with then-candidate Trump wrongly assuming it was a potato when protesters held up signs with the image on at a rally. “You have a couple of guys that are gonna get a little publicity for themselves because they hold up a picture of a potato,” said Trump.

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Several news outlets wrongly reported that the property owner received a letter from the City of New York as part of its graffiti abatement. Mass Appeal reached out to New York City Economic Development Corporation, the agency that runs the program and they issued the following statement:

“We have no record of a complaint at that location, or of any notice being sent to the corresponding address. New Yorkers should also know that the City does not issue fines to private property owners for murals or graffiti of any kind.”

The NYDEC stressed that it  doesn’t buff murals, regardless of the content, even when they receive a complaint. Unless of course the art installation was meant to fool everyone and look like actual graffiti, then mistakes can happen.

Hanksy, who called the Trump pice a “shit mural anyways,” on Instagram, doesn’t seem too concerned by the whitewashing. “The mural had a nice run,” Hanksy tells Mass Appeal. “I would’ve let it ride throughout Donald’s (hopefully short) term, but I don’t blame the building owners. The future is uncertain and people are extremely nervous about Trump.”

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