Shanks A Million: Designer Shanks by Chen Chen and Kai Williams

Chen Chen and Kai Williams knife

Let’s be clear: jail and stabbing people aren’t cool in real life but these improvised implements of incision and puncturing by design duo Chen Chen and Kai Williams are.
Their 30-piece “Shank Shack” project is for sale on their online store for $75 a piece and they’re individually signed and numbered.

From Chen Chen and Kai Williams’ site:

“Sharp, knife-like utensils have been made by humans for the last 2.6 million years. All cultures make use of a form of a knife and there are hundreds of types made from metal, plastic, stone, ceramic, glass and wood. For the launch of the web store, Chen Chen and Kai Williams present Shank Shack, 30 shanks in 30 days. These sharp utensils were made as an exercise in experimentation of connections and manipulation of proportions and materials. All pieces in the series achieve one goal and show the myriad of methods one could improvise to achieve that goal. All pieces are unique works and are signed and numbered.”

Most of them are sold out, but check out pics of Chen Chen and Kai Williams’ work below. And please, don’t hurt anyone.

Chen Chen and Kai Williams shank

Chen Chen and Kai Williams screw

 Kai Williams knife

Chen Chen and Kai Williams sharp knife

purple toothbrush shank

bamboo shank brown and orange

pocketknife shank











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  • bboycult

    I will fuck somebody’s caverned out eyehole if I find out some poser ass herb shanked me, runnin around wit a $75 designer shank!? GTFOH