Derrick Rose Was In Chicago Last Night

Rose practiced with the team today

Last night, Derrick Rose was a no-call, no-show to the Knicks game against the Pelicans in New York City. He was supposed to start the game, but no one in the organization had heard from him until Joakim Noah relayed a message from his long-time friend. Rose’s message was that he was “OK.” No explanation followed that. Monday night turned into Tuesday, and an explanation still hadn’t been produced.

By the time business resumed on Tuesday, however, Derrick Rose, vaguely, by all indications, explained to the Knicks why he didn’t show up for work Monday night. The former MVP had returned to his hometown of Chicago to tend to a family matter, according to this ESPN report, and he was seen back at the Knicks facility this afternoon.

What exactly was the family matter? That hasn’t been detailed by Rose, Noah or the Knicks, and Rose’s teammates were mum on the subject, either because they were respecting Rose’s privacy, or they were still in the dark; it’s likely the latter. Rose’s teammate Kristaps Porzingis merely hoped Rose’s family was okay. “We don’t know what’s going on. Hopefully he and his family are good, too.”

The Knicks next have a game on Wednesday in Philadelphia against the Sixers. There’s been no announcement on whether or not Rose will start or play in it as yet.


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