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Denzel Curry “Threatz” Mickey Pearce Remix

Denzel Curry “Threatz” Mickey Pearce Remix


Two opposing sides of the music pond collide on this out of left field remix that might be one of the best things I’ve heard this year. Ignore the fact it’s a shitty rip from London’s legendary pirate radio station,’s June 13th show, and focus on the fact that the worlds of underground hip hop and underground bass music are coming together in an entirely new way. For years producers like London’s Oneman and LA’s Kingdom have been reworking rap’s brightest up-and-comers, but to hear a primarily dubstep and UK garage producer, Mickey Pearce from revered Swamp 81 imprint go in on such a hardcore rap sound is beyond refreshing.

Miami’s Raider Klan, an emerging force to be reckoned with, sees key member, rapper Denzel Curry’s ferocious single, “Threatz” featuring Klan members Yung Simmie and Robb Bank$, being chopped up, ripped open and recycled into a serious UK dubstep track that’s not afraid to let loose.  Leaving the trappy hi-hats intact, Pearce brings a new level of erraticism through whirling, screeching pops and choice vocal snippets that only amp up the anthem worthy factor of “Threatz”. Both the original and this remix will be on heavy rotation for the rest of the year. If you know what’s up, be sure to follow suit.

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