“Off Tha’ Wall” – Denzel Curry

The Aquarius Killa discusses Big L, Dragon Ball Z, and why he chooses Batman over Superman.

A couple of weeks ago we chopped it with Denzel Curry for our latest edition of “Off Tha’ Wall” (Check out our Stars and Hype profile on him if your not familiar). Once a part of SpaceGhostPurp’s Raider Klan the Carol City rapper now stands on his own two, releasing the critically acclaimed Nostalgic 64 earlier this year. The rapper’s unique, raw and gritty style is juxtaposed with his childhood memories, filling his rhymes with Pokémon and Mortal Kombat references. Curry’s sound is a mix of cloud rap and trap as he spits over dark bass lines. He also makes use of chopped and screwed vocals.

In this episode Denzel Curry talks about being influenced by Big L, his love for karate movies and “Dragon Ball Z.” He also disses the jerk movement, tells us why he prefers Michael Jackson over Prince, and discusses the misconception of him being a gangster. So check out our “Off Tha’ Wall,” and if you haven’t already, check out Nostalgic 64.

Denzel Curry Off Tha Wall

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