Deniro Farrar ft. Denzel Curry “Bow Down”

Prayer hands is the movement.

North Carolina’s own, Deniro Farrar has been turning heads for quite some time, and now Deniro teams up with Denzel Curry to present us a very grim, but bouncy visual for “Bow Down,” which constantly keeps our eyes glued to the screen.  Shot on the streets of Texas, Denzel assists Farrar on “Bow Down” by spewing erratic threats like knocking your babymother out, as well as delivering the K.O. to Harry Potter (I don’t know what Harry did to Denzel, but damn bruh, can a little wizard live?).  I guess that’s what happens when you don’t take a bow for these two.

deniro farrar and denzel curry video

Denzel Curry Deniro Farrar Bow Down video

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