Gahlen Pehrson & Death Grips are “True Vulture”

You ever watch Disney’s Fantasia and wonder if its creators were tripping on acid when they made it?  Well this is something like that.

True Vulture is a collaboration between artist Galen Pehrson and experimental shout-rap crew Death Grips. In the past Pehrson has collaborated with celebs like James Franco and Devendra Banhart. This time he enlists the anti-establishment musical talents of Death Grips to score one of his trippy and subversive animated pieces the result is this True Vulture clip that LA’s Museum of Contemporary Art debuted on their MOCATv YouTube channel.

gahWatch and ponder the words of the cartoon bird with the tear drop tattoo in the clip: “You know what Nietschze said ‘stare at the abyss long enough and it’s gon’ stare right back at ya.'”

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