Dean Blunt’s “Mersh” Not For The Easily Affected

Dean Blunt's new music video may be the most effective way to retrieve information from known terrorists.

Remember when that Pokémon episode aired and a bunch of Japanese viewers had epileptic seizures? Similar results may occur after watching Dean Blunt’s new video for “Mersh.” I’ve now watched it three times and feel nauseous, feverish, and may leave work early. That doesn’t mean the visuals weren’t tight, though.

The video goes back-and-forth between intense white light and standard hip hop red (this, I’ve concluded, is what leads to the nausea) while Dean Blunt and an unidentified white girl sit on the couch. Blunt never really acknowledges the camera, his level of I-don’t-give-a-fuck is wild, and seems much more interested in smoking than rapping coherently.

If there is one song/video that is polar opposite of Pharrell’s “Happy” this is it. Watch with caution.

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