DCEVE graffiti mass appeal

DCEVE Throwing D’s On the Past and Present

A couple of classic flicks of DCEVE.

Much has changed with New York City’s graffiti scene since we profiled DCEVE in 2007. Some of the names have changed, but others stay high, and never change. Dceve is one of those most dominant writers, still crushing it at every turn. Heads up, because Dceve’s recent tribute to Wild Style with RIME AND TOPER is catching headlines as of yesterday. Aside from flooding the streets with stickers, throw-ups, and a couple of SMART CREW vans that can be spotted around town, Dceve’s name is never too far behind. Below is the article that ran in Issue 49 written by Brooklyn’s own, Host18.

Off the Wall: DCEVE (Mass Appeal: Issue 49 from 2007)

Words by Host18

The hope for New York City’s graffiti future lies in the hands of only a few and Dceve happens to have his hands deep in the city’s style pot. Born in Queens and now claiming the Bronx as his home base, he was first put on to graffiti by witnessing the crush that TMR crew had on the highways back in the times. The dude has been around, jumping from city to city and even taking up residency in Japan for a few years where he experienced the styles of the rising sun. The young Dceve is concentrating on bringing style to the masses, painting fresh pieces in the streets, as well as honing his handstyle and throw-up skills. When asked what motivates him to take this unpopular route, he says, “NYC isn’t a complete buff so we should be taking advantage of it…I can respect bombing for the rush and the fun factor, but I’d rather have a nice collection of different pieces that I’ve painted when I look back years from now.” Well played. In the city of throwups, his stuff is eye catching and it’s going to be interesting to see how he flourishes. Catch more of Dceve at smart-crew.com.

DCEVE graffiti mass appeal

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  • Kosco TIK

    i heard that DCeve was a black DUDE FROM BALTIMORE.  hipsters continue to paint our city more than we do. tsk, tsk, tsk.