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David Sandberg’s ‘Kung Fury’ Is Finally Here and It’s Glorious

David Sandberg’s ‘Kung Fury’ Is Finally Here and It’s Glorious

The 1980s saw the emergence of shitty karate-fused B-movies, like Bloodsport, American Ninja, and more. 2015 brings a new-age take on the subgenre in the form of Kung Fury.

Created by David Sandberg, aka “Laser Unicorns,” the 30-minute film was initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign in December 2013. Thanks to the project surpassing its goal, the full film is now available to all—for free.

When you watch this shit, just take it for what it is: a unabashedly cliché movie playing into all the stereotypes and tropes of the aforementioned ’80s movie. This movie even has Adolf Hitler in it—the motherfucker is going by the name Kung Fuhrer—which should be a clear indication as to how overboard this movie gets.

Watch David Sandberg’s Kung Fury in its entirety in the player above. Afterwards, read our interview with Sandberg about how the film came together.

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