David Fincher is Directing Gap Commercials

Jeans noir.

David Fincher has some impressive directorial credits in his pocket: the psychological thriller Seven, the heavy-hitting Fight Club, Zodiac, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Social Network, and a couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black. Now Fincher can add a slew of Gap commercials to the resume.

The acclaimed director has created four black-and-white television spots for Gap and their new “Dress Normal” campaign, all sexy and simple. Each spot has big-budget look compared to the average commercial, with Fincher delivering absolutely beautiful style in each ad. This is noir for jeans handled by a director who usually directs dark and suspenseful movies.

The four television spots can be viewed below, complete with jazzy chase music, skinny models, and a load of sexual tension. Fincher’s next project, Gone Girl, is due out this October and stars Ben Affleck.

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