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Dave Smith Instruments Introduces the Pro 2

Dave Smith Instruments Introduces the Pro 2

Sequential Circuits designed a synthesizer in 1981 called the Pro-One, which was widely praised for its compactness, affordable price point, and unique monophonic analog synth. Now, Dave Smith Instruments has revealed the successor of the classic synth with the Pro 2.

When speaking about the Pro 2, Dave Smith said:

“Right now there’s a trend of reissuing classic synths from the past. People have been asking for a reissue of the old Sequential Pro-One for quite a while, but as a synth designer, I’m happiest creating new instruments – synths that with every iteration put more power and better sounds into the hands of musicians. The Pro 2 is light years beyond the Pro-One in every way. It’s the most powerful monosynth I’ve ever made. You’ve got to keep moving forward.”

With that said, the Pro 2 includes four digital oscillators and a sub oscillator, along with super saw waves and dual analog filters. The Pro 2 arrives in July and will cost $1,999, but in the mean time check out the demo of the Pro 2 in the player above.

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