Dave Chappelle Kills First Performance at Radio City Music Hall

The reviews are in.

The reviews are in, and Dave Chappelle is back. The comedian made his grand return to the stage in New York City last night, kicking off his 9-day run at Radio City Music Hall. Although last night’s show doesn’t boast the musical talent promised for later shows, Chappelle handled the crowd with ease.

One Mass Appeal Editor who attended the performance described it as “a very casual set.” Chappelle chain-smoked cigarettes the whole way through, speaking on many racially heated topics including Donald Sterling, Paula Deen, and even poked fun at the Malaysian flight that went missing, declaring it simply landed on “Tupac Island.”

The crowd was effortlessly sucked in to Chappelle’s stories, with the feeling that they were hanging out with an old friend. And just when people became engulfed in the story’s intricate details, out came the comedian with a hilarious punchline.

Effortless comedy and nonstop laughs can be expected from Chappelle as he continues his slew of performances tonight, easily securing the title of the hottest ticket in town.

Photo of Dave Chappelle from his first night performing at Radio City Music Hall.

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    yeah put punchlines about stand up comedy performances in your articles

  • db cooper

    yeah, put the punchlines of stand up comedy performances in your articles