Da$h cigarette

Da$h “22 Tabs”

Take a trip into the psychedelic mind of Da$h in his new music video for "22 Tabs."

Some people hide their drug use, Da$h is always open to discuss or even rap about it, and that’s exactly what he does in “22 Tabs,” produced by the young beat king, Thelonious Martin. Da$h’s new music video takes you into his mind on psychedelics. Don’t worry, it’s not you that’s hallucinating, this is just one trippy video. If you’re wondering where you can download “22 Tabs,” it’s featured on Da$h’s new mixtape V.I.C.E.S. (Very Ignorant Content Exposing Success). Watch the video above, and afterwards go download the mixtape and bump that!

Da$h laying in plants

Da$h 22 Tabs

Da$h cigarette

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