Snowboarder Danny Davis Pipe Dream Olympics Halfpipe

Danny Davis Is Snowboarding’s Prodigal Son

King of the hill.

There’s no denying that everyone loves an underdog, but what happens when the underdog actually goes under? Ask Michigan-bred professional snowboarder Danny Davis and you’ll probably get an answer that goes deeper than the valleys and peaks of the average professional come up. You see, he was already on route to be the best in his class, with big-time industry sponsorship and support from as far and wide as Burton and PepsiCo, only to have it all stripped away because of a tragic and careless mistake.

Back in 2010, after a victorious run in an Olympic qualifier run, Danny made the self-admittedly irresponsible decision of celebrating on a 4-wheeled ATV that same evening. The result landed him and his friend in the hospital with injuries (severe damage to the spine and pelvis for Danny) that forfeited his Olympic opportunity and jeopardized his future in snowboarding.

But the story didn’t end there – thankfully so. Just this year, after a long road to recovery, Davis was finally able to fully commit to the uphill battle of reclaiming his place in the snowboarding world by qualifying and competing at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Green Label’s got an interactive full story and interview on Danny’s inspiring journey back onto the board and all of the new ventures and opportunities that it’s helped kindle.

Check it out here.

Danny Davis Pipe Dream Olympics Halfpipe

Snowboarder Danny Davis Pipe Dream Olympics Halfpipe

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