Danny Brown Announces Bruiser Brigade Album & Collaborations With The Avalanches

Get ready to meet Detroit's new "Bad Boys," aka Bruiser Brigade.

Following a series of tweets from Bruiser Brigade head honcho Danny Brown, it appears that the world will be graced with a Bruiser Brigade album sometime this fall. Who is the Bruiser Brigade? Well, we’ll refresh your dome-piece so it can get ready for some mayhem courtesy of “The New Bad Boys of Detroit.”

Bruiser Brigade consists of Danny Brown, ZeelooperZ, Dopehead, CHIP$, TrplBlk Mandingo, and in-house producer SKYWLKR. Let’s just say you can expect one-hundred mile-an-hour flows infused with the grittiness, fervor, and passion that emanates from the Detroit landscape.

Danny took to Twitter to put the word out about the upcoming body of work from the Detroit conglomerate, even calling out those fucking lames that they hit up for verses but never heard back from. It seems Danny Brown has been dealing with a lot of cats that have gone Hollywood in the past few months…



Mark his words…

If you can’t stomach the wait, then just chill for a bit because Danny may have some new interesting work on the way. While speaking with Australia’s Triple J radio, he touched on some forthcoming collaborations with The Avalanches:

“I did one song with them a while ago and it was cool. They felt like it was okay and I felt like it was okay. But then we actually got in the studio and made a record and I swear the record we made is incredible. “Frank Sinatra” was the first one we did. That was cool but the one we did after that… I swear, if we put that out, it’ll change the world. I heard it that first night and that was the only time I heard it. I wanna hear it again! But I know for a fact I put my foot into that song. When I work on something that hard I really like to receive the benefits from it so I can’t wait until The Avalanches release their next project!”

Brown has been one of the few artists to collaborate with and embrace other genres of music, and it tends to work well for all parties involved. Here, Brown also explains how he approaches those often”left-field” collaborations:

“I don’t wanna do anything predictable… I just listen to everything. I wanna do something with alt-J. I love Bjork. I’ve actually been talking to [San Francisco electronica wizards] Matmos, we’ve been talking about working on my next album too, just ’cause I was such a huge fan of Vespertine… We’ve been back and forth on the emails, they down with it.”

Danny Brown is putting some major work in to solidify both his and his city’s spot in the annals of rap, and that’s something we can fuck with. Expect more from Brown in the coming months, and stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Bruiser Brigade album, slated for sometime this October.

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