John Claude Van Damme

Damn U Jean-Claude Van Damme!

According to the Mass Appeal’s crystal ball, Avengers 2 is set to be released on May 1st 2015, and the word on these Tweets is that ‘90s action star/movie bad mon Jean-Claude Van Damme is thirsting for a role in this cinematic bonanza. Funny enough, Van Damme supposedly read that actor Chris Hemsworth (star of Thor) would like for the OG swashbuckler to co-star with him in the flick. Hemsworth may want it to go down like this, but like the old saying goes, sometimes, you have to crawl before you fly (no pun intended). I still have memories of that Street Fighter movie and what a bad aftertaste that came along with it. Then again, whenever the Encore movie channel plays it I peep it. I’m a fan of Van Damme’s face pulverizing round house kicks.

We here at Mass Appeal are trying to make some money on the side, so we’re gonna start a petition on behalf of JCVD. We want that man to get that part because if he does, we’ll get 20 percent. Leave a comment below on why you’re riding with JCVD and if you’re lucky, you’ll win something nice from your friends at MA. Nawmeen? Oh, and check out the “best of JCVD” clip above. I especially dig the 45 second mark—here, Mr. Van Damme let’s you know what time it is.

John Claude Van Damme

John Claude Van Damme

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    Bloodsport is the only reason why im riding with jcvd