Damien Hirst 2014 Gone But Not Forgetten Natural History series

Damien Hirst Goes All Gold Wooly Thing

All gold everything

World-renowned artist Damien Hirst, known for his jarring and controversial works, is set to continue his “Natural History” series with a new addition— a gilded calf a gilded mammoth.

The “Natural History” series currently includes the infamous shark in formaldehyde, “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” (1991); and the bisected cow and calf, “Mother and Child (Divided)” (1993). While these previous iterations have included animals in full or dissected form, the latest effort by Hirst presents a more striking and imposing subject. Hirst will donate the additional fully-gilded mammoth skeleton encased in—  you guessed it, more gold!

For those thinking Hirst has gone off the deep end with this piece: chill, it’s for charity. “Gone But Not Forgotten” will be donated to the annual amfAR auction to benefit efforts to quell the global AIDS epidemic through innovate research.

Hirst Gold 2014 Gone But Not Forgotten Tusk Image


Here is what Hirst had to say about his gilded mammoth, the latest addition to his “Natural History” series:

“The mammoth comes from a time and place that we cannot ever fully understand. Despite its scientific reality, it has attained an almost mythical status and I wanted to play with these ideas of legend, history and science by gilding the skeleton and placing it within a monolithic gold tank. It’s such an absolute expression of mortality, but I’ve decorated it to the point where it’s become something else, I’ve pitched everything I can against death to create something more hopeful, it is Gone but not Forgotten.”

This piece is expected to fetch a couple mills for a good cause. Hey, Young T. James might want this gold all in his courtyard.

Damien Hirst 2014 Gone But Not Forgetten Natural History series

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