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Dallas Penn Reviews The Avengers

The renaissance man of every hype you can think of has done justice to a great assembly in the superhero universe. What does he think of today's theatrical release of The Avengers? Read on true believers.

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Marvel (Disney) has the formula down pat right now, and I don’t see them letting up, ever. The movies with individual members of The Avengers squad has been a set-up for this film which we come to learn is just a set-up for the sequel.

Disney is treating the comic nerds like crackheads because they know we are down to get beamed up. The Avengers movie ends with a teaser for the sequel which elicited a “Holy Shit!” from everyone gathered in the preview screening I went to the other night.

That was after two-and-a-half hours of ass-kicking, explosions and comic book style mayhem on the big screen. This is Marvel’s mightiest superhero film to date. While I enjoyed the character arcs from X-Men: First Class more than the non-development treatment of the heroes in The Avengers, I still like my explosions.

There are explosions aplenty too, as you might imagine when an unfrozen WWII hero teams up with a Norse God, a man empowered with gamma radiation, and a billionaire with the best toys on Earth, plus two of the deadliest mercenaries evar. The only thing that could give this group problems would be each other or maybe some evil aliens from another dimension?

Now if that sounds like something too fantastic to put into a movie then you haven’t read an Avengers comic book yet. Their forte is all about handling the villains which would be too evil and numerous for one single superhero. The whole of these heroes assembled being far greater than the sum of their parts.

The key to Marvel’s movie making magic is writing screenplays, which allows easy access for the people who weren’t comic book fans coming up, while still giving details to the fanboy nerds who need to see elements of the classic canon to be fully satisfied.

But as awesome as this movie is, it was still a set-up for [SPOILER ALERT] the super villain Thanos who will appear in the sequel. I’m already copping myself some Infinity Gauntlets. MAKE MINE MARVEL! Fanboys unite!

The Avengers Marvel comic book

Hulk The Avengers movie still

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