raekwon ghostface twins born on fathers day 2014

Dad Trolls the World With Wu-Tang Clan Baby Names

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It looks like one dad and lover of all things Wu-Tang had an awesome Father’s Day, so awesome that he named his new twins after Raekwon and Ghostface! The news even reached Raekwon, and he posted this image and message on his official Instagram account:

This is live, family named their twins Raekwon & ghostface!!! #wu4thebabies.”

If only this were real, it could’ve been a good sign for the realm of Wu. With the recent rift and subsequent truce, castration catastrophe, and controversy surrounding the album, this might’ve been what the Wu-Tang Clan needed. A reminder that “Wu-Tang is for the children!” However, like a lot of “news” on the Internet, this ended up just being your common, everyday troll.

According to the father’s Facebook, the twins are in fact not named after the Wu-Tang emcees, because that would just be crazy:

Dan Lieberman reveals that twins are not named after wu members 2014

raekwon ghostface twins born on fathers day 2014

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