Dabs & Myla, Rime, Persue, Nychos, & Askew in Echo Park, CA

A colorful wall of characters, from a crew of international artists. Look closely, or you might miss the attention to detail in these pieces.

Dabs and Persue Graffiti

“Maybe if we turn the key and flick THIS switch…”

“No we did that already, wait is the button up? Try this…”

“What about if you hold this down and turn the thing this direction..”

Dabs & Myla, Persue and I as we attempt to figure out how to turn on this damn lift under the smoldering Echo Park sun.

Nychos had just painted a huge baby face and a green skull the day before I got to the wall, but there was still enough room for Dabs & Myla, Rime, Persue, and Askew to finish it up with a whole gang of everyone’s characters.

Dabs, Myla, Rime, Persue
Dabs, Myla, Rime, Persue
Persue graffiti sketch
Persue writing graffiti

Persue piece in Echo Park CA

Echo Park Graffiti

Crane in Echo Park, CA for graffiti piece

Mike Giant & Myla in Echo Park
Mike Giant & Myla
Dabs in Echo Park, CA
Dabs & Myla Wall in Echo Park
Dabs & Myla
Askew at Echo Park
Askew on a ladder writing graffiti
Rime MSK at Echo Park

Dabs & Myla, Rime Persue and Askew in Echo Park, CA writing Graffiti

Myla admiring the wall in Echo Park

Finished wall in Echo Park





Dabs Myla Rime Echo Park Graffiti Mural

This is on the side of The Gabba Gallery in Echo Park, CA and was a Branded Arts project.

Pics: Birdman for Mass Appeal

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