“D. Lemon In The Morning” Underage Controversy

“D. Lemon In The Morning” Underage Controversy

Brooklyn comedian Damien Lemon (D. Lemon) hits the imaginary airwaves with this new “D. Lemon In The Morning” radio show. The viral short spoofs the plethora of morning hip hop radio shows that swamp the web nowadays. In this first episode D. Lemon and his fellow radio hosts Nicky Sunshine and Sims discover that a popular video vixen is actually an 8th grader. It all goes downhill from there. Kudos to Lemon on not only the comedic factor, but the social commentary.

D Lemon talks to his cohost Nicky Sunshine and Sims
D Lemon Radio Show Mic
D Lemon Radio Show Nicky Sunshine Sim
D Lemon Radio Show Meeting