Cypress Hill Is Obsessed With National Geographic

Of course

Photo: Wikipedia

Michael Nunez at Gizmodo has unearthed one of the most important stories to hit the interwebs in ages. Cypress Hill fucking loves National Geographic‘s Instagram.

Nunez noticed that every time he opened up Instagram, Cypress Hill had either liked or commented on the latest post from NatGeo. So he started counting recent posts to see how often this happens. In just the last six days, the chiba-loving rappers had commented on at least 25 of the 50 most recent posts. Because of Instagram’s method of showing who likes a post, it’s difficult to say exactly how many they’ve liked but it’s fair to say that it’s a lot. Here’s a selection of the group’s comments.

Yeah, they’re feeling it. And why not? Smoke some weed, look at some dope photos of nature. That’s the life, right?

And now, Cypress Hill has acknowledged their love and the report about their love by posting a screenshot to their Insta.

NatGeo & Cypress Hill?? What a crazy combination!

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