Cuffin’ Season 101: Charlene, The “Perfect” Twitter Honey

After we sat down with the Dennis “The Cuff God” to discuss the infamous Cuffin’ Season Calendar, we thought, “You know, maybe that’s not enough.” So we linked up with him to bring you the first part of the Cuffin’ Season 101 web series to help walk you through this special time of the year. With The Cuff God / Cuffin Season mastermind’s guidance, you’ll be able to dodge the pitfalls and avoid those lonely evenings.

This episode highlights “Charlene.” Charlene is that girl who has made herself uber-appealing on Twitter by playing into all your fantasies and interests, leading you to believe that she will meet all your lofty expectations. She seemingly loves playing video games, waiting on-line for exclusive Nikes, rolling your blunts and everything else Wiz Khalifa raps about. Although this may seem like a dream come true, at some point reality is going to kick in.

Have a look at @ToySldrs timeline the day NBA 2K13 dropped.

nba 2k13 tweets from cuffin season

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