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Cory Kennedy’s Killer “Rat Poison” Section

Cory Kennedy’s Killer “Rat Poison” Section

After premiering in Los Angeles on May 10, SK8RATS releases Cory Kennedy’s full section from Rat Poison. Initially formed in Snohomish, WA by Shane Auckland and his friends, SK8RATS bumped up a notch after Washingtonian and Girl Skateboards / Nike SB rider Cory Kennedy hopped onboard. They crew now sells apparel, accessories, and skateboards.

Cory’s section is an interesting mix of technical and fun skateboarding, reminiscent of Eric Koston’s part in Chomp On This, making it delightful to watch. The sheer amount of creativity in the section makes it clear how good Cory actually is. The soundtrack, Danny Brown’s “Grown Up,” is a perfect fit for the feel-good nature of the footage.

After all, isn’t part of skateboarding never wanting to grow up?

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